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Professional and reliable excavation and shoring services for your backyard, basement and foundation, offered in Toronto and GTA.


Safety minded demolition services with expertise working in all regions of the Greater Toronto Area and the downtown core.

Home Additions or Extensions

Trusted, quality home additions and custom builds that add beauty and value to a home.

Concrete Work

Long-lasting and well-crafted concrete work that fits the style, aesthetic and appearance of your home.

Water & Sewer

Expertly replaced and upgraded existing water and sewer lines to complete renovations in Toronto and GTA.


Waterproofing wet basements and repairing cracked foundation to ensure the long term safety and value of your home.

Residential Excavation and Demolition Services in Totonto and the GTA

Excavation and Demolition Services We Offer in Toronto and the GTA

We provide excavation and demolition services to Mississauga, Downsview, York Mills, Mimico, Don Mills, Willowdale, Rexdale, Long Branch, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Scarborough, Brimley, Concord, Agincourt, Malton, Port Credit, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Clarkson, Maple, Erindale, Markham, Streetsville, Brampton, King City, Oakville, Stouffville, Bolton, Aurora, Pickering, and Ajax. For any question or queries please contact the Best Excavation and Demolition Services In Toronto.

Toronto Excavation and Demolition Contractors Company

Concrete Contractors/Company Toronto

At SDM, you find the best and most experienced Concrete Contractors in Toronto and the GTA. These specialists offer all different kinds of concrete work in residential and commercial areas in Toronto and the GTA. Our Residential Concrete work Contractors are specialized in the departments of small medium and large homes. These contractors are certified and licensed with the best reputation. Concrete Driveways and Concrete Steps are trending these days in Toronto and Our company certainly does offer the best Concrete Driveway and Concrete Steps services to give your home the best facelift possible. If you’re in the market to find the best Concrete Repair Companies in Toronto, do not look further. At SDM, we offer complete services for home owners in Toronto and GTA.


WaterProofing Contractors Toronto

Our Excavation and Demolition company also offers Water Piping services for homes in Toronto. Water piping services include water pipe repair and water pipe connection and water pipe sealant in Toronto and the GTA.


Basement Waterproofing Company Toronto

SDM Excavation and Demolition is also nominated as a best Contractor Company in Toronto and the GTA. Our company offers extensive services to take the burden off of homes owners in Toronto. If you have basement leaks in your house, call SDM Excavation and Demolition and Our Foundation Repair Specialists will rapidly response to the situation and fix all basement leaks. Our guaranteed services are none to be compared with. Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost goal.


Underpinning Contractors Toronto

Similarly, a lot of Torontonian home owners do look for Underpinning Contractors or Companies in Toronto. At SDM Excavation and Demolition we offer the best underpinning contractors that are specialized and experienced. If your demolition company leave all the concrete, Call SDM Demolition and Excavation to offer our best Concrete Removal Service with unbeatable price.


Concrete and Asphalt Driveway Contractors Toronto

SDM is specialized in driveways. If you’re looking for Asphalt Driveways or Concrete Driveways Companies, Our Company and Contractors will offer you the best services to repair Asphalt driveway and concrete steps driveways.


Contact SDM Excavation and Demolition Toronto

SDM Excavation and Demolition offers all-in-one Home owners services in Toronto and the GTA. If you are looking for the best contractors or the best Excavation or Demolition Company Please give us a call at 647-400-5201 or fill out the short form and get in touch with our best contractors.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much will it cost?

Each Excavation and Demolition project is different and unique in its own way and requires to be quoted accordingly. We make all measures to make sure that our price is reasonable and competitive.

Are you licensed and insured?

We have 100% liability insurance and we can provide our WSIB Clearance certificates id requested. All of our employees and equipments are fully licensed and insured. 

What is undisturbed soil?

Undisturbed soil is the soil that has never been tilled, graded, turned over or anything of that nature.

Who do I call before I dig?

Most important rule is to know where your underground utility is by calling the appropriate authorities to mark out. You can call Ontario One Call to get your locates for free. This is a crucial step to ensure site safety and to prevent damage to any services performed on your property and/or neighbouring properties. This step greatly minimizes injuries, costly repairs and damages.

What is locates?

Locates is define as markings on the ground followed by a specified drawings of locations or indications of underground utilities or infrastructure. For example Yellow represents gas, Red is for hydro, Blue is for water, Green is Sewer or Storm Drain, Orange is for Communication or CATV and White is Proposed Excavation. It is important and mandatory to provide this to your excavator regardless of how you are excavating, wether by hand or machine. 

What is the term excavate mean and what do you excavate?

Excavate means to make a hole, to dig or to scoop out and expose earth, sand, etc. We excavate almost anything.

Will the equipment fit between my and my neighbour’s property?

At SDM Excavating Inc., we have the ability to choose from a wide range of equipment to get the job done properly. First you will have to consult with your neighbours and work out a plan of action. If access is tight we will temporarily remove fences, gates and any obstructions to allow for more space. Once the work is done, site is restored back to its original state by professional contractor at SDM Excavating. 

Do you charge for estimates or quotes?

Estimates or quotes are always FREE with no obligations.

Excavations issues?

At SDM Excavating Inc. we are determined to solve any problems that may arise and we will work with you to find a solution that best fits the specific scenario. 100% satisfaction is our promise.

Can a plant or tree growing in the excavation area be saved?

Yes, however, depending on the size and type of the plant or tree we may need to seek professional service from an tree arborist.

What is basement waterproofing?

Basement waterproofing means the techniques or materials used to help prevent water from penetrating in to the basement of a house or a building. Waterproofing a basement that is below ground level involves the application of materials and sealants and the installation of drains and possibly a sump pump to collect, remove, or redirect water away from the basement.

Do you work in the winter months?

Yes we do work in the winter but conditions may apply due to frost and landfill sites if they are open.

Why Choose SDM Excavation & Demolition Contractor Company

6 Reasons why SDM Excavating and Demolition is the Best Excavating company with the best excavator and House Demolition Services in Toronto and the GTA.

1. Best Excavator Contractors Company

If you are in the market and looking for an Excavating Contractor or a Company, Look no further. We are your local and we offer our services specially customized for your needs. You can always find all our locations by searching in Google , SDM Excavating Contractors or Companies near me and we will surely be the first one to popup.

3. Fastest House/Building Demolition Service in Toronto

At SDM Excavating & Demolition Company you will find the most professional and hardworking trade workers. Before we start any project. Our professional team plans how to achieve the best results in least time. This initial planning results in saving a lot of time and costs for our clients.

5. Best Demolition Contractors Company

Home Demolition is one of the scrappiest jobs when it comes to construction. Our Excavation and Demolition experts Demolish Residential and Commercial buildings in a way that is the most cost efficient and unpolluted way of demolishing.

2. SDM Excavating Offers Wide Range of Services

As our promise, at SDM Excavating and Demolition Company you will find all different ranges of Residential and Commercial Construction Services. Our Goal is to have a One-Stop-Shop for all home owners in the GTA. Whenever clients are in the market looking for Construction Contractors we want SDM Excavation and Demolition wants to be the company to offer the best services at the best price with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

4. SDM Excavation & Demolition offers Customer Satisfaction

Our main goal is to have 10,000 new satisfied customers each year. We have been successful achieving our goal from last 7 years. Our goal for providing clients the best Excavating and Demolition services increases every year so as the number of our Total clients. By Choosing SDM Excavating and Demolition Company Contractors you are certainly going to make the best decision.

6. Best Roofing Company

Yes, we offer the best Roofing solution for all the Toronto Home Owners. We always like to think that providing all the Excavating and Demolition Services at its best is an art in its own and we are specialized in it.

See Us In Action Doing Excavation and Concrete Work In The GTA & Toronto

Our Clients Reviews after chosing the best Excavation and Demolition Company in Toronto

SDM excavation saved my life by coming over my place and do full demolition and excavation on time and rebuild it from scratch in no time. saved me a lot of money on rental agreement. I would definately recommend. Claudio

Basement Renovation

I wanna thank SDM Demolition team for offering me the unbeatable price for my home demolition done on time. They are super friendly and responive upon quick requests during the demolition project. Cedric

Home Excavation

I would like to thank the team sdm demolition excavation. They are definately the best when it comes to demolitiona and excavation. Their price was really really afforable specially being in toronto with such high price. I would reccomend for sure. Ismail

Driveway Excavation

I was amazed by their speed and concentration. At a point it made me nervous but the made sure leave no traces of excavation and demolition behind and finished the job on time. Thanks you for such a great job or renovating my home. Chad

Full Home Renovation


We operate in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, providing residential excavation and demolition services to homes across the city of Toronto. We know our business and the GTA well and our experienced team is well equipped to deal with modern builds as well as older houses.